Protesting the Protesters

Protesting the Protesters

Last Monday, December 12, was a march and boycott strike to protest the presidential election, organized by the Nationwide Women and Allies. In New York City, the marchers went from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower, and, despite my busy schedule and the rainy day, I decided to march with them. As the (mostly) ladies marched along Fifth Avenue, and stood in the segregated area by Trump Tower shouting their concerns, many people walking or driving by shouted or honked their horns in approval. Of course, as with any political outburst, there were a few voices who opposed the protesters. This one gentleman, in particular, caught my eye. Wearing a cowboy hat and a Santa suit, he strutted up and down on the sidewalk near the barricades, snapping a toilet seat up and down like a giant mouth, yelling out, “blah! blah! blah!”

While I don’t agree with his sentiments, I have to tip my hat to his illustration skills. Way to play the theatrics! Only in New York. lol.

To see a full reportage of the event, you can visit my blog HERE.

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  1. Frank Bettendorf

    Outstanding reportage and observations. Thanks for participating.
    Frank B

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Frank! Sending best regards for the holidays – Ronnie

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