Pray With Standing Rock

Pray With Standing Rock


Today, November 26, at 3 pm Central Time, people all over the world will observe 30 minutes of silence and 30 minutes of prayer, in support of those standing at the front lines of Standing Rock.

As I made the painting above,  I was thinking of the thousands of protesters converging at the Standing Rock Reservation, blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline, and taking a stand for clean water and a clean environment for our children and grandchildren. I was thinking also of power – REAL power – that has to do with respect for those who came before us, and a sense of moral and spiritual obligation to generations to come.

The Sioux and other Native American tribes have been stripped of their land and political power continuously since the Europeans first arrived in the so-called new world. And yet, it is they who are showing great courage and spiritual fortitude now, for all of us, to stand and peacefully demand the things that are sacred: clean water, clean earth, clean sky. A decent world for our great-grandchildren.

Although the hand of political might is cut off, it can still have great strength.

Like Despina wrote in her beautiful Thanksgiving post: I stand with them. And I will be praying with them today.

Find out more HERE. #praywithstandingrock

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  1. Jean Edwards

    Great idea, great cause – thanks for posting this on Facebook so others can see and take part.

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