please pray

please pray


The tragic events that unfolded Friday night in Paris sits too close to home. Having lost my husband on 9/11 to a terrorist attack I only have to close my eyes and sit for a brief moment to feel the vibrations of pain that are often just right under the surface. Please pray for those who were lost and wounded Friday night, and for those who cry tears of sorrow today, tomorrow and the days to follow in Paris and all over the world.  -Michele

Artwork by Michele Bedigian, artist and widow of Carl J. Bedigian, FDNY Engine 214

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  1. Janet

    Another tragedy for Paris & a reliving of your trauma. So sorry. If artists ruled the world it would be a kinder gentler place.
    We can only hope that world chaos as it is now, passes soon.

  2. Michele

    Yes, if only …
    Thank you Janet for your loving and giving thoughts.

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