pick up something else

pick up something else

“Pick up something else” was simple yet great advice offered to me a few years ago by Veronica Lawlor before I made this drawing of Rockefeller Center. Instead of the same tools I was comfortable with, I tried using pastels and pastels only. It helped me think differently about my work and it also helped me create something different, something new. It’s a great way to work and a great way to approach study…or anything else in life.

gb_betza_RockCtr_pasteldrawing by Greg Betza

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  1. audrey

    plus, it’s beautiful!

  2. Veronica

    hey Greg – thanks for mentioning that, I remember the day very well. And see, it worked ; ) the drawing is a beauty!

  3. Jennifer Edwards

    Lovely! Soft pastels, I presume…not neo color or oil pastels…? I so enjoy yours and Veronica’s drawings!

  4. Greg

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments. Glad I brought this one out from the archives.

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