Picasso _ in good company

As I shlepped across town with my golden ticket in hand to the Met I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a Tuesday night and the preview of the opening of Senior Pablo Picasso’s new exhibit was about to begin. (You know, one of those nights all sorts of people come out, some to see and some to be seen.) That’s always part of the fun of going to the members preview. This time around was no disappointment. So in the midst of indulging gently in the wine and the food I took the op to draw a quick study of one of the spanish guitar players serenading the event … so Picasso, hehe.

This show really is A MUST SEE! And by the way, for the few extra dollars it’s truly worth it to rent the audio guide. It shared stuff about him you never would’ve guessed! Enjoy your Thursday -Michele

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