One Last Summer Memory

I am so not one for summer time fun. It’s just so HOT. And the beach is not the place I like to be by choice, but summa-times I find myself stuck in the sand and trying not to bake in the sun. I avoided the water for as long as I could and quickly put down a few sketches (there is still sand in my paint pan) before I was dragged into the cold (that part I don’t mind) New England sea. I smiled as a young woman was finishing something in a sketchbook a few feet away from me. She didn’t seem to want to bond as she closed it up and left rather quickly. It was a small beach. Maybe there wasn’t room for two of us on it at the same time. I was coerced into taking a swim out to a small diving platform off shore. It was very movie-like and made the morning all that much more enjoyable. Didn’t feel as hot out there for some reason, even though I was completely exposed to the elements. All in all, a great summer memory.—Dominick

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