Oh what a week

Oh what a week


To say this has not been the best of weeks is to put it mildly. I’ll spare the details. In the midst of it all, when my attention could last more than five minutes at a time, I was working on the layouts for One Watercolor A Day. The book looks beautiful. In the meantime, sorry for the lateness, I figured I would share another piece that didn’t make it in. —Dominick

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  1. Jen Appel

    I’m looking forward to reading a copy once it comes out! (Not to rush anyone… 😉 )

  2. Ann

    Can’t wait either! Hope next week is better. Lovely watercolor.

  3. Dominick

    Thanks Jen and Ann. The book is nearly finished and is filled with great work from everyone. And Ann, thank you for the comment. And the weeks have been good. Cheers.

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