Notre Dame from memory

Notre Dame from memory

So Eddie’s and Michele’s latest posts inspired me to post my own version of the famous cathedral. I made this drawing 10 summers ago. It’s part of a drawing book that I hold very dear to my heart. One that is never too far from my drawing board. I’ve moved 4 times since I filled it with drawings and notes. With every move, I packed it with the “Fragile” and/or “Important” cargo. I drew this from memory and now I remember so much more whenever I look at it. Crazy what a sketchbook can do! ~Despina

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Wow I love this!

  2. despina

    Thank you. It’s part of a small ‘prep’ book I made before a class trip.
    Maybe I’ll reveal the contents now…one drawing at a time! It’s like a time capsule. Truly.

  3. despina

    thank you 🙂

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