New season

New season

Spring is upon us…and I’m sure I speak for you all when I say it feels quite different this year. Instead of bursting out of our homes to enjoy the warmer weather, blossoming plants and blooming flowers, we’re shut in, afraid to breathe the fresh air, especially if anyone is within 6 feet of that breath.

I’m not one to dwell in negativity so I thought back to better times and to the choice my family made this past year to travel and spend time with each other, experiencing the beauty of our country. We never imagined it would be our last chance to leave the house for the foreseeable future!, but all the more reason to feel blessed that the timing worked out. We set out knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed and each day is full of opportunities not to be wasted.

In honor of spring here is a drawing of a small bunch of beautiful flowers perfectly at home in beautiful Buena Vista (B.V.) Colorado, a charming town we stayed in for a few days.

Stay safe and keep healthy everyone. Keep thinking of all you’re going to do once the skies clear.

Greg Betza ©2020


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