New Beets

New Beets


Truth be told, I lost track of the week and didn’t realize that I was up today. I was literally running out the door as  I saw my reminder and turned around to see the above watercolor. I posted it quickly and then out the door I went. When I finally had a moment to catch up and read this weeks posts, I laughed when I saw that Ronnie announced our upcoming book, One Watercolor A Day. This painting was one that didn’t make it into the book. Sitting in the reject pile I figured it was prime for posting.—Dominick

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  1. Don McNulty

    If this one didn’t make it I can’t wait to see the ones that did. Wish I ha a reject pile like yours.

  2. Dominick

    Thanks Don, awfully kind of you. Been working on the book with Veronica, looking forward to seeing it printed.

  3. Brige

    I already preordered this book, totally looking forward to it!

  4. Veronica Lawlor

    Hey Dom I love this painting – it only made the reject pile because as a spread, the beets would have been lost in the center of the book!
    Don – wait ’til you see the ones Dominick did for the book, they’re beautiful! Maybe we’ll post a few sneak peeks…;)

  5. Dominick

    Thanks Ronnie. And no worries, I am very happy with the chosen piece in this case.

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