National Pigeon Day in Central Park

National Pigeon Day in Central Park

Hi, Margaret here!

Last Saturday was National Pigeon Day. There is a gathering of pigeon lovers who extol the wonders and glories of pigeons. I could only stay for a little while, but for the brief time I was there I never saw an actual pigeon! How ironic that there would not be a pigeon at this ceremony, the park is filled with them. There was, however, a man in a pigeon costume. His name is Amos Latteier. He was amusing. You’ll see him in the lower left hand corner of my drawing. He’s the one with the clawed feet and silver leotard with fabric feathers on it. He has large plastic eyes on the sides of the leotard head and a large beak attached to the head as well.

I’m cheating and adding a second drawing of some pigeons because I don’t feel right about not having a pigeon in the drawing for National Pigeon Day.

The group was small, but dedicated. They sang songs, “Coo, coo,coo,” and had a puppet show and generally paid homage to the feral pigeon.  What can I tell you, when I heard about this gathering I had to see it with my own eyes!



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