Morgan Mast

I was at Mystic Seaport yesterday with members of Dalvero to watch and reportage the foremast of the Morgan being installed. In nuatical terms it’s called “stepping” and it’s a great milestone for a ship, done with great ceremony. It was such a wonderful drawing experience. The boat, the crane, the ropes and the crew of men and women (I guess the old superstition is no longer) all were a feast for the eyes. Especially the crew. The way they moved and tugged at the ropes and hugged the mast as they placed it just right. The drawing below is of the man who I guessed was the director of the crew, as he did much of the commanding and yelling. There was a lot of hollering all around as the crew communicated with code that sounded funny to me. I’ll be posting more from the reportage on my blog soon. ~Despina


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