more Santorini

more Santorini

Just as my fellow ODAD blogger, Kati, I am posting about my summer vacation. I am really-really-not a winter loving kind of person, so the closer it gets, the more I cling to the memories of the hot grecian (summer!) sun and the nightly cool breezes from the aegean sea. Since I can’t let go of the memories:

So if you’ve been following my day of drawing in Santorini from my previous posts, here’s the fourth from that morning. This is still the Bay of Amoudi. It’s the view from down at the port itself, as opposed to the view from above.

This is what struck me most about being on the island: most of the island offers only views from above. Wherever you go, you can look down below you…in awe. You really get to feel like a bird. And for someone who has spent most of her adult life on the street level of NYC looking up at the skyscrapers, it was a true perspective-warping experience! (it was beautiful)

So this drawing was made during one of my rare visits down to sea level. Didn’t stay down there for long, though. Next time, I’ll post a drawing of a church I made…while sitting directly above it! -Despina

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  1. Chris

    Is there an option to buy it, for commercial artwork?

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