Mira, mira, WOW!

Mira, mira, WOW!

Just now finally getting to go through the many drawings I made in Spain in the summer of 2010. This was a group of young boys playing futbol (soccer) one day near the Miro museum. They were without doubt the most beautiful little boys I’ve ever seen. Long eyelashes, so sensitive, really sweet. Neil and I sat and watched them playing for a while. Every time one of them made a goal, Neil would say “Woooowwwww!” in this very emotional way he has of saying it. Well, the boys loved it! I don’t know if they knew what “wow” meant, but they certainly understood the emotion. They started showing off for us, and every time they would kick the ball, they would call out to us, “Mira, mira, WOW!” Which means, basically, “look, look, WOW!” It was the funniest thing.

Pretty soon they noticed that I was drawing, so they all clamored for me to draw their portraits. I was happy to oblige. What a nice group of kids, and what a wonderful memory. Wow!

Posted by Veronica

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  1. Audrey

    What a sweet story, and beautiful drawings, Ron!

  2. Veronica

    Thanks Audrey. It is one of my favorite memories from Spain. Those little boys were so adorable!

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