Mini Meditation

Mini Meditation

VL_autumn_crocusThe fall is always the busiest, most hectic, time of year for me, and yesterday was one of those days. Three classes in one day, with a lot of running around – I call them ‘three borough days’ because I have to be in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, and back again. Going under and over rivers multiple times in one day can make you feel quite jangled. PLUS I left the house without my wallet yesterday and had to borrow money from a friend (thanks Margaret!)

Whew! Fortunately I took my Pratt Location Drawing class to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and had a few minutes to breathe…and saw these lovely autumn crocus plants. Didn’t even know there was such a thing. They are lovely lavender flowers on tall stalks. Growing on the forest floor, catching sun where they can, many of them were laying on the ground rather than standing straight up. But they were all blooming beautifully. Seems like the fall is hectic for them, too. If I can keep my grace under pressure like these flowers I think I’ll survive until the holidays…

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