Math Lesson on the 7 Train

Math Lesson on the 7 Train

This quick little graphite drawing was made in December 2019, while riding on the 7 train in NYC. It’s a drawing of my husband Neil and my step-daughters Ashley and Danielle, visiting us from Florida,  sitting together on the subway bench across from me. Neil is showing Danielle, who is majoring in Civil Engineering, something math-related, and Ashley, a lawyer, is texting someone or looking something up on her phone. I liked the way they were all huddled together, and the casual feel of our collective day off, and took a moment to make the drawing.

At the time I drew this, I had no idea how many things that I was actively taking for granted: extended family visits, being in a crowded space with fellow New Yorkers, enjoying a fast ride on the 7 train into midtown, and (later) enjoying a day together at the Metropolitan Museum and dinner after at a nearby restaurant. How many things we take for granted, every day. Post coronavirus, I plan to enjoy all of those things again with gusto. And for now, while the virus is still doing it’s thing across the globe, I plan to find gratitude for everything I have here at home.

But I definitely miss my step-daughters!

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