Life on the E train

Life on the E train

ding,dong … goes the door…next stop…42nd Street                                                     The train begins to crawl, a microcosm of New York life journeys on silently, patiently           intent on their way.

Suddenly, a chord strikes, the silence broken…bold, bright, voluminous sound fills the car, jolting the all too familiar hum into a excited fury of motion.                                But from where? THERE! I see them!          It’s the mariachi, swaying ever so to the rhythm of the train, commanding attention as they play.

Ahhh….the sound, the melodious sound that so easily stirs the soul.                                     Yes, something has changed. 2 minutes have passed, the train begins to slow…a new ease is in the air … next stop 34th Street.

Drawing by Michele

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Those mariachi guys are my favorite! Nice drawing Michele.

  2. Michele

    Aren’t they incredible? Thank you guys!

  3. Michele

    Every time they come on the train, they bring so much spirit. I love watching everyone’s reaction.

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