Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

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Today is a special day for the people of the Baha’i faith. The mission of the Baha’i is is to spiritually unify all the people and all religions of the world. Although painfully idealistic,that’s something I truly believe in myself!

The temples of the Baha’i are really something. The most impressive and beautiful in my opinion, is the Lotus Temple in India.


Pilgrimage to the Lotus Temple

Of course, like most religions, the Baha’i have experienced and are experiencing persecution. If only their message of peace, justice and unity would be HEARD!


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  1. margaret

    Nice drawing.
    Did the Baha’i faith originate in Iran?
    I used to walk past a little alley on Garden Street after school let out when I was a kid, and there was a tiny building down the alley that held meetings of the baha’i faith there. i didn’t know what it meant or was about, and I never ventured down the alley!

  2. despina

    Margaret, thanks. I never noticed this comment somehow! Yes, Iran is where it started. July 9th actually marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Bab, who was from Iran.
    So, you never went any closer to see, huh? Scary was it? Maybe if it looked more like the Lotus Temple you wouldn’t be so shy about it!
    Interesting that you remember that. I had never heard of this religion before.

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