This reportage illustration is from a rally in front of the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village recently. The community came out in support of the trans-gender kids that will be affected by the new administration’s position rescinding protections that had allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Read about that here in the NY Times. These kids are among our most vulnerable populations, and will now potentially be subjected to more discrimination and harassment without this government protection.

Many people got up and spoke emotionally at the rally about their own experiences with discrimination, and a few mothers stood up and spoke in defense of their teenaged children.

And now, the repercussions are beginning…from the New York Times, Monday morning:

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would not hear a major case on transgender rights after all, acting after the Trump administration changed the federal government’s position on whether public schools had to allow transgender youths to use bathrooms that matched their gender identities.”

Read the whole article HERE.

Why remove protection for any of our citizens?

See more drawings from the rally HERE. Posted by Veronica.

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