Legend of Santorini

There were moments in Greece where I found myself melding the reality with the myth. I couldn’t help recalling all the stories of Hera, Dionysos, Poseidonas, Irakles, and so on. It really does help, though, when your guidebook (yes, I used a guidebook and I’m Greek. Oxymoron, anyone?) tells you exactly what “occurred” and where. These weren’t figments of Homer’s imagination, they were actual events! So, in Santorini, we came face to face with the world of Atlantis. It really did exist you know! : )

With this drawing I was imagining how Santorini was created. How where those structures built? Did they require alot of labor? Or did they spring out from the earth after the volcano eruption, like Athena from the head of her father? Hmm, not hard to imagine at all. -Despina


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