Laas Geel

Laas Geel

So, again, I look to my earth calendar and see that today, amongst many holidays observed around the globe by various countries, Somalia celebrates its indepedence. Somalia is in great contrast with the country I mentioned in my last post -Denmark. We don’t ever really get good news coming out of this country on the northeastern coast of Africa .

That being said, I thought I would go ahead and post about this important day for the Somalians. And I wanted to find something positive and/or interesting to talk about. So I read a little about this war-torn country, and managed to find a “positive needle” in the gigantic stack of depressing facts:

Laas Geel is a complex of caves where the earliest known cave paintings of Africa decorate the walls and remind us of the LONG trek our civilization has made. These paintings are said to have been made between 9000BC and 3000BC.! And they are in Somalia.

The paintings are mainly depictions of animals, and of the people who worshiped them. You really can’t look at them without awe. They are beautiful.

So, to commemerate the caves, and the country, I am posting a drawing of animals I made a while back. They weren’t done on a wall (which would’ve been pretty cool now that I think of it!), but they ARE animals found in Africa.



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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    I like the King Lion! Nice post and drawings, Despina. – Ron

  2. michele

    Despina – these are gorgeous, and what a wonderful story, LOVED IT.

  3. despina

    thanks ladies!

  4. margaret

    Crazy stories!
    I don’t think anyone would mind if you painted on the walls. Maybe baby James can help!

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