Kowloon Ladies Market

Kowloon Ladies Market

What do you do when there’s a typhoon in Hong Kong? Apparently, you go shopping!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to demonstrate Mental Canvas for the HK Microsoft Surface launch. As it’s a rather long (15 hour) plane ride from NYC to HK, I decided to stay for a few days after the event and draw the city. As I landed in a typhoon that quickly rose to level 8 that night, I didn’t expect to do much drawing – but I was wrong! The people are used to this kind of weather, and as soon as the ‘all clear’ comes down, they are back out on the streets in droves.

This is a drawing I made (in between the rain drops) of the Ladies Market on the Kowloon side of the harbor, which is an outdoor market that stretches for what seems like miles and miles and miles. Rain or shine, the stalls are open and the people are there shopping. Such business and complication of people, signs, tents, buildings, bamboo – I could have drawn there forever.

Hong Kong is an amazing place. Will post more on my blog later this week. Wow!

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