Jonathan’s Martial Arts Class


While in Santo Domingo this summer, I was invited to watch and draw at Jonathan Schmidt’s pakua class. (Hope I’m spelling that right, Jonathan!) Essentially it’s a Chinese martial art that reminded me a bit of Aikido. It was a beautiful dojo, outside, and I enjoyed watching Jonathan and his girlfriend Bettina (the two tall ones at left, above) practice with the other students. Their teacher was sharp – he was so solid on that mat it was crazy. And I liked watching him teach. As an observer, especially as an observer who draws and studies body language, I could see how he would show the students something and they would be so close and yet so far when trying to emulate it. Very much like watching young artists draw…they are often so, so, close and yet don’t see where they are. It just takes time and training, no short cuts. This class was great to watch. Thanks for the invite Jonathan!

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