Jackson Square horse & carriage

New Orleans reportage illustration

New Orleans is really a romantic city – the jazz music, the voodoo vibe, the paddle boats, the wrought iron architecture and of course, the horse & carriages that are all over the city. The sound of horse hooves clomping down the cobblestone streets (I forgot that in the list!) really adds to the atmosphere. I did some photography of a ‘ghost tour’ while I was there, and the only truly spooky moment in the tour was when we heard the clomping of horse hooves echoing in the distance, and then the horse and carriage appeared out of the fog. But not many ghosts use them for travel around the city – they’re mainly employed by tourists and their guides. I drew this one at the stand, getting ready to leave for it’s antebellum tour of the city. P.S. The magnolia trees are everywhere, and they are very satisfying to draw! More in another week…Veronica

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