It’s good to be home

It’s good to be home

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If I told you my absence from posting on ODAD was meant for just a few weeks you’d think I was nuts. I know, I know it’s been 40+ and I’ve missed everyday of it. For so many reasons; from the birth of a new baby to moving into a new home (and everything that happens with life in-between) I needed the time. You know my mentor once told me “if you’re not producing you can’t call yourself an artist.” So I’ll keep it brief … “Hello world, it’s good to be home”. – Michele

Artwork (in watercolor and crayon) titled – Visions of Hope by Michele Bedigian


In our new Facebook group, One Watercolor A Day, (view it HERE) we’ll be encouraging readers to follow along with the exercises on a weekly basis, and post their results. We’d love to see them! We look forward to visiting the group too, and chatting with all of you about your work – what you enjoy, what you need help with, and what you absolutely love or hate about watercolors!

From now until midnight on December 15th, if you join our group we will automatically enter you in our drawing to receive a free copy of the book.  To enter, go to our One Drawing A Day facebook page HERE and send us a message asking to be added to One Watercolor A Day, including your email address. Once you’re added, your name goes into the drawing. And that’s it! The winner will be announced on this blog on December 17th.

We hope you enjoy our tribute to watercolor over the next few weeks. Happy painting!


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