Italy in Epcot


Italy in Epcot. A drawing made a few years ago of visitors walking around the Italian Pavilion in Epcot. I looked through some of these older drawings because my niece just visited Epcot and had a wonderful time! Go Al 🙂

m. hurst

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  1. Ruth Jaeger

    One of your best, like the one that appears on the Canson pads except without the color. Did you draw in the little leaves later? I like the fat arms best and the kid’s stance. Always a pleasure to see your drawings.

  2. Margaret

    Hi Ruth, thank you !!!! Glad you like the drawing.
    No, I drew the leaves while I was there. So much fun to draw!
    Yeah, I like the fat arms and the kid’s stance, too 🙂

    Thank you again, Ruth 🙂

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