Irish Hunger Memorial

Irish Hunger Memorial

I’m not Irish, so I have never really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up, all I ever really knew about the holiday was that it was the time of year that Entenmenn’s would offer up those yummy green cupcakes with the green leaves all over the box. But now, I have a little boy, and he’s 1/4 Irish. (you do the math on that) So, I’ve decided that I’d better get a little more educated on the subject of Ireland, in case he ever asks!

I didn’t go the the parade last week, but I did visit the beautiful Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City in NYC with my good friend Jen, and my boy James. Yes, James. Here’s a drawing I made while there.


It was quite somber, yes. But I learned alot from reading all the touching quotes on the walls. And from the top of the memorial, surrounded by Ireland’s native plants and stones, I looked off at the distance at the Statue of Liberty. I imagined what it must have been like for all those hundreds of thousands of people to dream of a better life, to dare to leave their homes, and to come to this foreign place. And not only did they come here, they MADE here. They have had such a profound impact on our society here in the States. I have to say, the memorial was designed brilliantly.

So, now I feel a little more prepared for future St. Patti’s Days and I look forward to learning more, and sharing what I learn with my son. James.


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