Insignificant drawings


Another drawing—missed when I was thumbing through last week—from the lost book. I remember doing the drawing, who I was with, and while not of great importance just thinking I should—never knowing that the location would be changed and that the drawing would mean a little more for reasons only some will understand. I went back to Disney after nearly ten years. Much to my dismay so much had changed. Minor things—things I am not sure most people visiting for their first and possibly only time would ever realize. There is a small (actually it seems pretty large but I have no numbers) cult of people who visit Disney regularly. Again, I am not sure they would even know what’s so different, but I am sure they feel it. I love the Magic Kingdom. I have since the first moment I boarded the ferry and could see the castle from across the lake, it is magical. But I have been back twice since my long absence and what has changed is very dangerous. There is no more sense of calm, there is no space for pause. Prior to this drawing I had been to Disney more times than I can count on both my hands, and I am talking increments of weeks, not days. Each time I drew what I wanted for the moment. This one time I drew things that meant more to me than I realized at the time. —Dominick

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