In thought and prayer

In thought and prayer

With love/Michele Bedigian

The studio’s been in existence since 2004. It’s hard to believe this is our 10th Anniversary. Although we all knew each other prior to, the past 10 years has made us a family unit that eat together, draw together, laugh when things are funny and cry when things hurt. This week one of us has suffered a tremendous loss and because of that we all grieve with her. Our hearts are broken. Maybe time will soothe the way but life will never be the same.

Above is a drawing of a Japanese Bonsai I did during an exhibit at the NYBG. It is said that Bonsai-in-training should always point to a future, more mature creation which the artist, at least, has somewhat in mind.  And because these are made with living, growing things, those future piece are never complete or finished. The best bonsai touch us, make us take notice, stop us as they catch our experience and imaginations to show us something new.

That is the way I’d like to remember Patty, pointing the way with her infectious smile and always looking forward to showing us something new.  Love you, Michele

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Thank you Michele, this is a beautiful tribute to my sister. Love, Ronnie

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