I Miss Pizza

I Miss Pizza


No offense to the local pizza shops in my new home town, but I miss Nicks. Hands down the best pizza in New York City. No slices, but I never had a hard time polishing off 2/3 rds of a pie—and who doesn’t like a slice or two for breakfast the morning after? I pulled this drawing out, along with it’s companion for the day, from an afternoon visit last April (ok, that day it was hard to polish off a whole pie) when I  did a few Second Avenue Subway drawings. The women in the drawing where a little freaked by the commotion going on outside. —Dominick

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  1. Veronica

    Hey Dom, just let me know when, we’ll ship a pie up to you!! And I agree, cold pizza for breakfast is the best. Love the drawing. – Ron

  2. despina

    I hear you Dominick. Every time I’m in Astoria again, I eat pizza like there’s no tomorrow. NJ pizza is just NOT the same.
    I really like this drawing, too!

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