Hurricane Irma Fundraiser: Eyes of the Storms

Hurricane Irma Fundraiser: Eyes of the Storms

This past weekend I picked up a project from 13 years ago and started the next phase. As much as putting the project down many years ago has haunted me, I wish I could say life was better today and there was no need for this. But unfortunately what was warned about many years ago is starting to come true. We have more capacity for change than this. We have more to give than this. I pick up from where I left and I watch as storm after storm threatens our days. I wish I we would be a little more sensitive to this moment.

Hurricane Irma Fundraiser

In response to the devastation brought by Hurricane Irma, the members of Studio 1482 have created an art-for-donation fundraiser to aid in the rebuilding of the area’s hit by the storm. Florida is like a second home to Studio 1482, and several members have roots in the Caribbean, with family members directly affected. All this week, you can receive a print or original artwork from a Studio 1482 member by donating to one of the charities through the PayPal relief efforts (See below for details.)

Above is my piece, Eyes of the Storms, a mixed media work on Arches watercolor paper.

To participate in the fundraiser, send a $50 donation to one of the charities listed through PayPal, and then email your receipt to info(at) with your choice of artwork. You will then receive a 13″ x 19″ archival print from a limited edition of five (while supplies last.)  Donate $1482.00 to receive the original work!

Check out One Drawing A Day all week to see what art you might like to own, in print form or original. Thank you in advance for helping us help the people of the Caribbean to rebuild paradise.

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