Higher Learning

On our quest for enlightenment at Columbia University a few weeks ago my wife and I had the opportunity to listen to several great speakers hosted by Teachers College. It is rare that I am led through a day with little agenda other than to accompany my partner in life. I had no idea what we would be doing and totally misunderstood the day leading up to it. I had to change the contents of my bag from what I thought was a writers workshop (notebooks and pens ready to fill some pages) to a literacy workshop (pens and sketchbooks ready to observe, and fill some pages). Somehow though, the day seemed as tailored to me as it was to the teacher of 20+ years who gained me admittance. Entering a decent sized lecture hall—we were trying to hide my presence in a crowd ready for a workshop—we waited for the next speaker. Arlene Casimir Siar started the seminar on diversity in literature, of which I assumed I could follow along. To say the least, one should always re-examine ones thinking through a new lens. Not only have I had the inclination to go back and reread every text I have ever read, I am itching to reassess the design of every story idea I have ever started. I am thankful for every moment of that Saturday for more reasons than I could have imagined. For more drawings from the day please visit my blog.—Dominick

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