helping out

vl_helping_outAnyone who lives with an illustrator knows that, from time to time, you will be asked to pose as various characters for illustrations. My husband Neil has posed as a prince, a construction worker, a soldier, etc., etc. My sister Patty has done her share too – it’s fun, I hope, and so nice to have a model to work from. One of the nice things about being in a studio with other illustrators, like our Studio 1482 family, is that you can always ask another member of the studio to pose and they know exactly what to do! So it was really fun the other day, when I asked Greg Betza to pose for an illustration I’m doing, that his son James wanted to help out too. How do you NOT draw that little cutie in his pajamas? Love his feet, too, so sensitive!

By the way, I’m very excited about this new online magazine and the story I did the illustration for. Will post links when it goes live online.

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