Grand Junction

Grand Junction

Last August my family and I spent a week in Grand Junction Colorado. I had never heard of the place, and though I had an idea of what Colorado would be like, Grand Junction did not fit what I had in mind. It is much more “Utah”, much more desert and what you may think of as “the West”. The geology is fascinating. With all that said, I loved it. It was dry, hot and beautiful. If you’re ever passing through, stay a few days. This drawing was made from my back patio.

Greg Betza ©2020

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  1. Don

    Hi Greg. I live in GJ. After living in metro Atlanta for fifty years it was a culture shock landing out here lol! But I’m glad I did. Under normal circumstances it’s a great place to live. Under the current circumstances people are getting more unnerved each day. I suspect that is true everywhere these days. It will be interesting to see the effect this has on our economy here. Basically, we have been booming for the last four years. It would be a shame if it were all halted because of “sweeping brush” shutdown. Particularly since we have halted at 34 cases of the bug in the entire county and zero deaths. There were far more work absences and sick folk when the flu went through earlier in the year. No deaths with that either.
    Just goes to show you there are no true thinkers on such matters. Only “experts”. A thinking man would realize each region require a DIFFERENT approach.
    So, hopefully we will have folk back to work soon and we’ll still be here when you visit again 🙂 I was nice to have you 😉
    The cool thing about living here is the elbow room and the proximity to an enormous amount of the great outdoors both in the Rockies and in the desert we all know as the Wild,Wild West. Great sketch! Keep ‘em comin’ and stay well.

  2. Greg

    Hi Don,
    You chose a beautiful area to settle, well done 🙂 Nice to hear your thoughts on things, and to hear about areas that have not been too affected is quite hopeful.
    A different approach to all regions is where my thinking is for sure, but to me it seems many decisions were, and still are, being made on the fly. I don’t know if there really was an option as it seemed to happen so fast. I keep optimistic that the good of all people is the motivation and that they’re doing all they can, the best they know how.

    One thing I know for sure is that we fell in love with GJ and would love to make a return trip as soon as possible. Stay safe and keep an eye open for some of my other drawings.


  3. Don

    Will do! I subscribed as far as I could tell 🙂

  4. Greg

    That works. I also post on my blog, or my instagram @gbetza Thanks again for following!

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