Going BIG

Going BIG


Many, (many) moons ago I was studying with my mentor in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (for those who remember, I’ll gladly refer to it as MGM Studios). I found myself at a crossroads with my drawing so he instructed me to “GO BIG!” What exactly did going “BIG” mean? Well, it meant I wasn’t allowed to submit any drawings for 2 weeks less than 30″ x 36″ or greater. BIG was terrifying. It meant any weakness was exposed. It was either there on the paper or it wasn’t. Believe me you, there were so many drawings that ended up a frightful mess. But the lessons I learned were invaluable. In the end BIG meant freedom, enabling me to abandon crutches I habitually leaned on. I learned to genuinely appreciate the process and what I discovered was beyond my imagination. PERFECTION IS IN THE MISTAKES and when they’re BIG you have no choice but to look.        – SO GO BIG TODAY, it’s a magical road! – Michele


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  1. Dominick

    Beautiful Michele. So many spots I love, not sure which one is my favorite.

  2. Michele

    Thank you, thank you Dom.. that means a lot.

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