Going BIG

Going BIG

Going Big/Michele Bedigian

A few years back I was having a challenging time “seeing the big picture”. So my teacher, (and mentor) sat me down and demanded that I “GO BIG” for the rest of the summer. To clarify, that meant minimally my drawings had to be 36″ x 42″.  … For any who’s drawn on location, that’s quite a heafty size to navigate with in crowds. And yet his order was always my command, (with complete certainty he had his reasons). Above was one of those drawings.

The experience was INCREDIBLE! … To attempt to express in words how it changed my perspective on art would be an injustice. So if you’re an artist and haven’t tried it, you must! Please, please, please!! Not only for the physical experience but for the emotional one as well. It’ll change your world. Mine did. – Michele

p.s. Would love to hear how it goes. Keep in touch.

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  1. Jennifer Edwards

    I would love to try this. Hmmm…:)

  2. Orling

    Michelle, this is great advise, I’m willing to take the challenge. BIG thanks!

  3. michele

    I’m cheering you guys on! GO BIG!! Go BIG! …Promise to share your experience when you do. I’d LOVE to see how it goes. No joke, it really reveals so much and gives you such freedom at the same time.

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  5. Jennifer Edwards

    I did it Michelle! I did it! Here’s a link to my blog where I describe the adventure!


    Thanks for the challenge! I’ll definitely be doing this again!!


  6. Jennifer Edwards

    I don’t know if this went through yesterday or not, but I took the challenge!! You can see it here if you like Michelle! I’m definitely planning on doing it lots more! Thank you for the challenge!


  7. Michele

    Please do not mistake my silence. So sorry it’s been so long but life threw a wrench in time management for me these past few weeks and only now am I able to catch up. I made an attempt to leave a comment yesterday (not too sure it went through). First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS MS.JENNIFER…YES! You did it! You did it!! … And I couldn’t be more thrilled to read your process. Your application of mixed media both so sensitive and so confident (not an easy trait to come by) shines beautifully. So? Now that you’ve tasted the fruit I can’t wait to see where it takes you. Keep doing it…there’s a wealth of benefit. Looking forward another piece. All the best, Michele

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