Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

This summer Margaret and I did a three day Dalvero Academy/Urban Sketchers workshop in Seattle. What a great city! I really loved the people, the place – EVERYTHING! On the second day of the workshop, we took the students to Gas Works Park on the shore of Lake Hood. Wow! What a place! In the middle of the park looms the remains of the only coal gasification plant left in the United States. Phenomenal, really great. Of course, Marg and I were teaching so we couldn’t really get in there and draw it like we’d like to, but we couldn’t keep from making a few drawings from a location overlooking the plant. (It’s below a big hill.) All I can say again is, Wow! And the workshop was really fantastic – it was great to mix the Dalvero students and the Urban Sketchers and watch them all learn from each other. Terrific energy, can’t wait to do it again. And I’ll be back to Gas Works Park some day, to get in there and draw like crazy! : )

ALSO – I was recently interviewed by Jon Gerberg from Brooklyn Independent Television for a program called, “Caught In The Act,” about artists who live or work in Brooklyn. I thought that Jon, Judy and Norm did a great job with the piece. You can see it on my blog, HERE, if you’d like.

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  1. Dominick

    Drawings are fantastic Ronnie. Looks like a great spot.

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