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people and watercolor/michele bedigian

A few years back I had just found out I was having a second child when a call came in for a HUGE job. One of those “this is going to require a ton of research, sweat and time, but could really be worth it in the big picture”. It was for a major pharmaceutical company with international exposure. Who wouldn’t want it? What they failed to mention was I was competing for the job with one of my partners in the studio. And what they failed to notice was that we don’t keep secrets from each other when it comes to our work. It’s a 1482 policy that we support and nurture each other’s successes. So Dominick and I each pursued the job and cheered each other on knowing full well one was going to get it and one wasn’t. Yet in the end it didn’t really matter because whatever was meant to be would be. For we all know how difficult it is to be an artist in this quick and fickle world. Without the support of those who know you best and know what the journey means it wouldn’t be worth a dime. The piece above is one of the drawing’s submitted for committee review. Dominick did get the job and at that moment (and many subsequent moments) I was his biggest fan. Your’s truly, Michele

BTW … Dom, I LOVED yesterday’s post! (click HERE to check it out if you missed it)

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