Frank Stella part 2

As Margaret talked about in her post on Saturday, she and Julia Sverchuk and I had a chance to attend an interview with Frank Stella, conducted by Paul Goldberger at Parsons The New School of Design last week. So nice to hear him talk about his paintings and other works. He was very excited to show us a slide of a hat he had bought years ago, and then another slide of the GORGEOUS sculpture that it inspired him to make. Frank Stella was down-to-earth, witty, sweet, and extremely likable. After the interview was over, he stayed around to talk to people from the audience personally, so we lined up to shake his hand as well. He signed our drawings of him, and said: “what a lot of hot talent around here!” Ha ha, he was great. His demeanor reminded me of my father-in-law. And, his clothing style looked just like his paintings.

Margaret asked Mr. Stella about his Moby Dick series, and he started talking about the beluga whales he saw with his kids in Coney Island. Lovely. The three of us went to dinner at an Italian restaurant after the event, and just sat there beaming at each other. Another perfect evening in New York City.

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