For the Dogs

For the Dogs

Truth be told I am posting this and last weeks drawings late. Why? Because I started the drawings and wasn’t happy with them until this afternoon. Tomorrow based on the time stamp above. Until 2 minutes ago I had not seen that Ronnie posted another beautiful cherry blossom yesterday. Spring seems to be on everyones minds. On a walk with a friend last week he was shocked to see the blossoming dogwoods in the distance that he swore were not there 2 days prior when he last took the same route. He is usually on the west coast by this time each year and was within a few days of our walk, missing the final and momentary beauty that would soon be a memory. As I sat outside on a warm April day I finished what I had stared when the first of the dogwood blossoms popped in front of the holly tree over a week ago. I wondered how many places around the world were witness to similarly elusive moments. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on next weeks. Maybe Thursday.—Dominick

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  1. Greg

    Really strong Dom. I love pink dogwoods, definitely something I miss from up north.

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