Flower family portrait

If you follow this blog you may remember back when I made a few drawings of orchids last Spring. Those orchids stayed in full bloom until early July! They were stunning and I was sad to see them go. After the last of the blooms fell, I put the plant in and out-of-the-way corner of the house and forgot about it as I prepared for the arrival of our new baby. Little did I know that it was preparing an encore. With no water (I was very distracted) and very little light, this lovely orchid sprouted four new buds and was ready to bloom again by late July. When I brought it back into the light of our main living area, I realized what an auspicious sign this beautiful new growth was. Four buds, to represent the four of us. The fourth bloomed just a few days after our little girl came home. So here’s a pencil portrait of our family. I meditated about each of us as I rendered the petals one by one. And I am in awe of nature. Floral and human.


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