Five Jolly Ninjas

Five Jolly Ninjas



Every year a few days before Christmas since my nephew was 3 years old we’ve been making cookies for Santa. The best part is the time together and often how unpredictable the cookies turn out. So this year in honor of his uncle (a.k.a. my husband, a 5th degree black belt in karate) Jayden found these awesome martial arts cookie cutters.

Let me share a little how it went…Oh yea, sure, as usual everything started out great. (It always does.) But then in a flash…it happened … the cookies began to grow … and grow and grow and grow! … they literally baked right on into each other. It suddenly appeared they were fighting for space!

And hence, here they are …our “Five Jolly Ninjas”.

(Give me a week,  I know there’s a book in there somewhere. lol.)  Meanwhile, have a very merry day. – Michele

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