Even I Am Cold


I do not shy away from my love of winter. And snow. And the cold. I should. I get dirty looks most of the time. And while I don’t long for Spring just yet, I do have to say, holy crap even I am cold. I worried when I left for California that I would miss this small window of snow and cold that we sometimes get in New York. With weeks before the next snow, mild winter days making the new year soggy and oh so heavy. Nope, just cold this year. And I haven’t seen the ground since I left for California. Not sure if there is grass under the snow or not anymore. Small snow gnomes may have replaced it with some new turf by now. They have had all the time in the world to work. As I look back at the trip, I remember when the weather broke on my way out to Los Angeles. We woke up to 3 inches of snow on the car in Arizona. The trees are Arizona trees. The ground is Arizona snow covered ground. OK, it was Flagstaff, we were up high, it wasn’t the desert, but still. Funny to think that as we found the very end of Old Route 66 on the Arizona span, I remember having the thought that this may be the most snow I may see all season.—Dominick

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