Empires of Food

Empires of Food

This is one of many illustrations I created recently for a new online journal, www.empirestudies.org, a great site featuring various intellectual writers’ dissertations, thesis and reviews on global issues and topics in the Cycle of Empire, East and West.  Professor Tom Durwood, of the Valley Forge Military College, is the editor of the site. What a joy and challenge these illustrations were! This particular illustration is about food surplus, storage and trade.

Margaret Hurst

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Really nice Marg – beautiful!!

  2. Evan

    Oh my lawd that’s gorgeous, Marg! Can’t wait to see the other ones! Sounds like a fun project, too.

  3. Greg

    Great Marg! Nice job!

  4. Margaret

    Thank you Ron, Evan and Greg! It was very stimulating work, a lot of fun!

  5. Sara Dilliplane

    Literally the word “WOW”popped out of my mouth before my brain could even fully process what I was looking at… the color!!!!!

  6. Margaret

    Hi Sara! Thank you for the “Wow!” the written words were truly the inspiration for the “wow” color! Incredible themes, topics and writing!
    Thank you!

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