Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy EARTH DAY everyone. I was doing a bit of reading on the subject and I came across the EPA’s “It’s My Environment” promotion. And while I didn’t make a sign and a video, the promotion did get me thinking about my environment and what I can do to care for it. Recently I’ve been considering some “upgrades” to my back yard, and it only took me and google a few minutes to find countless ways to enhance my yard responsibly. Using eco-friendly driveway materials, harvesting rain water, and using compost rather than chemicals are just a few (easy and cheap) alternatives to conventional methods. At this point there is simply no excuse for you not to do your part.

Here is a cardinal that lives in my yard (and an actual piece of my yard too). It’s one of the many reasons I’m trying to do my part.

art by Greg Betza

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  1. michele

    Happy Earth Day Greg! Love the Cardinal, they say Cardinal’s are good luck … have fun planting this season

  2. Sara

    Composting is the way to go! My parents have had one for 10 years and their garden thrives on it!
    I’ve been reading about harvesting rainwater but haven’t tried it yet – keep us posted on your endeavors.
    Beautiful drawing, by the way!

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