early morning santorini, greece

early morning santorini, greece

One morning, Greg and I started out very early and went to draw in Amoudi Bay. The tourists had not arrived yet, and the fisherman were getting their skiffs ready for the day. Or maybe they were coming back from night fishing?  It was a lovely morning for drawing. The rest of the day however was EXTREMELY hot. For the next post, I’ll share a drawing I made later that day under the hot, hot sun. -Despina


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  1. Rolf Schroeter

    this is so beautiful. jealous (of beeing there and beeing able to draw it)

  2. Greg

    Thanks so much Rolf! Yes it was a great experience!

  3. Greg

    hey I’m commenting as Greg! That’s what happens when you are married to a fellow onedrawingaday-er I guess! I’ll have to fix this problem sooon. -Despina

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