E Train Riders

E Train Riders


Took the opportunity the other day to draw some of my fellow E-train riders. The woman on the right was very suspicious of me…she didn’t seem sure of what I was doing, but she knew she didn’t like it! The lady on the left was engrossed with her smart phone…similar to the woman in Margaret’s post yesterday. It’s an epidemic…

Please visit my blog to see more drawings of last week’s post on Nick Cave’s Heard NY in Grand Central. Thanks!

Posted by Veronica Lawlor

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  1. Ann

    Nice sketch & commentary…at least the suspicious(LOL!) woman on the right had some involvement in her environment, interacting on some level with you as you drew her & interacted with her.
    The smartphone person is checked out, much as people who drink or take drugs to escape check themselves out. Sigh…

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