Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Summer as a kid was great.  I spent all my summers  in the Dominican Republic running around, eating fruits straight from the tree.  My grandfather had cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and more.  Being a city boy I’m thankful to have experienced milking a cow, chasing chickens and hunting lizards. Above is a drawing of Emilio. Emilio owns the minimarket in front of my grandfather’s house. We would run over and he would always give us soda pops, it was the best.  I still visit the Dominican Republic, but it will never be what is was.  No worries, no responsibilities, just pure ol’ childhood bliss.



A neighbor hanging out in front of my grandfather's House. To the right are thumbnails of the old house I call home away from home.

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  1. margaret

    That sounds like a great time! My favorite fruit was mango. We had a great tree in our backyard that had small mangoes, but they were the juiciest mangoes you have ever eaten! They would fall right off the tree or we would pick them. My dad always took whatever mangoes we didn’t scarf down and gave them away to people in town. Those really were good days!
    Thanks for the drawing reminder…

  2. veronica

    You know how to milk a cow?! I like the drawing of Emilio, he looks like a guy who’d give you soda pops. – Ron

  3. despina

    Eddie, just replace the words Dominican Republic with the words Crete and Greece and you have written my story(except I’ve milked goats, not cows)
    I am back here now, and you’re right, it’s not the same. The days seemed so much longer, the worries soooo much smaller! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be posting similar stories pretty soon.

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