Disney World Steamboat

Disney World Steamboat

I love the steamboat at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I have learned so much by drawing that boat over the years. The “wedding cake” my teacher used to call it. One class he made me sit on it every day for a week and draw. Wow. And now I send my students there to draw, when Margaret and I take our Dalvero classes to the parks. We’re going again this summer – I can’t wait, seems like too long since I visited my old friend.

Posted by Veronica Lawlor


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  1. Audrey

    wowie zowie! that’s beautiful, Ronnie!

  2. EclecticBox

    How I wish my teachers had taken us to a similar place!
    It’s great to read how the tradition has passed on.
    I can see how the “old friend” steams out inspiration!

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