Demonstration at the Oculus

This past Saturday I was invited by the John Jay Cabuay to visit with his FIT Masters in Illustration reportage class, on location at the Oculus in downtown NYC. John is clearly passionate about reportage, and his students are reflecting that passion right back to him – what a great group! I showed them some of my reportage illustration, and did a live drawing demonstration of thumbnails, and of people strolling through the Oculus, above.

One of the students asked if I add color later or use it on site, so I added the red line drawing of the lady, which made me feel compelled to draw a little more with the color. It’s always about finding the picture proportions for me, and I don’t like to think of color as a separate issue but rather, as another element the artists can add to their location drawing process and personal vocabulary.

 All in all a nice way to spend a Saturday morning – thanks again for the invite JJ!

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